Life Coaching

~ Life Coaching and Hypnosis

If you are not achieving your true potential, or not making significant progress in your personal development, then life coaching may be the answer for you.
Almost all therapy is based on looking back to find a ‘cause’ for a problem. Coaching takes this into consideration but looks primarily forwards towards solutions. Traditionally counselling is backward looking – the client is encouraged to talk about their problem and to continue to talk about their problem. Research now shows that the more someone focuses on the problem the larger the problem gets.
~ Coaching focuses on solutions, … it focuses on the gap between where people are now and where they want to be.
GROW process is often used in coaching.

  • Goal    Reality check     Options     Way forward

Let us use Weight Loss as an example.

  • Goal                 Lose Weight
  • Reality check   Is the client prepared to make necessary change to their lifestyle?
  • Options            Discuss various exercise routines and healthy eating plan according to the individual’s needs and ability.
  • Way forward    The use of hypnosis to motivate the client to start the new regime and maintain good habits thereafter.

You can never be better on the outside than you believe yourself to be on the inside. By improving your inner self image you will have the confidence to achieve the things in life you need and desire.
We don’t necessarily get what we want in life! But we generally get what we expect!

The Key to a Better Life – An old tale

A man passing a streetlight saw a neighbour on his hands and knees. “What are you doing” the man asked. “I’m looking for my keys” the neighbour said. “Oh” the man responded “I will help you, where did you drop them?” “Over there by the house” the neighbour said. “Then why are you looking for them here” the man asked curiously. “Because this is where the light is” the neighbour replied!
This story is about the inability to look in the right place for the answers to our most profound questions. Instead of looking in the appropriate place we look instead in the most convenient place or a place where we feel safe and comfortable. Our intentions are good but we often repeat old and unhelpful patterns.
The “keys” in this fable are a metaphor for whatever you seek. This could be the key to a better relationship , success at work , better health and energy. The streetlight represents whatever has distracted you.
A coach will help you find your keys.

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