Guided Visualisation and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

Neuro – The mind, how we organise our mental life
Linguistic – Language, how we use it, how it affects us
Programming – Our sequences of repetitive behaviour
The client is guided into a deeply relaxed and pleasurable state, an altered state of
consciousness or trance state akin to meditation or yoga. It is also similar to when you are completely absorbed in a film or book but at the same time you are aware of your real surroundings.
Then with the use of visualisation and positive suggestions that involve the senses (NLP) this encourages the true power of the mind to make positive changes , eliminate unwanted habits and develop internal rapport and self control.
‘The quality of rapport we have within ourselves is a mirror for success’
At the beginning of each session there is a consultation period when the client’s presenting problem and related issues will be discussed.
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Mind Body Harmony Hypnotherapy ©