~ What is CBT?

Cognitive …

The ‘cognitive’ in cognitive behavioural therapy refers to our thoughts and beliefs.

Behavioural …

The ‘behavioural’ refers to modifications to behaviour.

Therapy …

The ‘therapy’ refers to the structured approach used to overcome a problem or disorder.

CBT highlights how irrational and negative thoughts determine your feelings and affect your behaviour.

A pattern of negative thinking produces a problem cycle of emotions. The way to break the cycle is to recognize that negative thoughts are not inevitable … with practice we can learn to identify faulty thinking and set up new habits to correct any thinking bias.

Unproductive feelings or negative thought patterns lead to ineffective behaviour. Faulty thinking causes us to interpret memories and thoughts about the future in a negative way, resulting in unpleasant emotions.

It is not what happens to you that is important, but how you react to it; you cannot make life perfect or have everything your own way. What you can do is change the way in which the events you experience affect you.

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