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Marie is a highly successful therapist with over twenty years’ experience in the field of complementary medicine. Marie is empathetic and intuitive using various therapies to address the client's individual needs. She started working in the field of Psychotherapy in 1996 and is also an experienced EFT Practitioner, Reiki Master and Life Coach.

Guided Visualisation and NLP

Neuro – The mind, how we organise our mental life.
Linguistic – Language, how we use it, how it affects us.
Programming – Our sequences of repetitive behaviour.

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Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)

The ‘cognitive’ in cognitive behavioural therapy refers to our thoughts and beliefs. The ‘behavioural’ refers to modifications to behaviour. The ‘therapy’ refers to the structured approach used to overcome a problem or disorder

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Life Coaching

If you are not achieving your true potential, or not making significant progress in your personal development, then life coaching may be the answer for you.

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EFT and Reiki

As well as Guided Visualisation, CBT and Life Coaching, Marie offers and is fully qualified in EFT (Emotional Freedom Therapy) and Reiki.


Marie is available to find solutions for you, throughout the week. To contact Marie please email: marie@mindbodyharmony.org.uk or alternatively contact Marie via the Contact Page.

Marie Harris | Mind Body Harmony ©

Marie Harris | Mind Body Harmony ©

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